Tuesday, September 10, 2019

8:00am- 5:00pm
2nd Floor West Pre-function

Opening Remarks
Gallery Ballroom, 4th Floor
Irving Azoff, Chairman/CEO, The Azoff Company
Tim Leiweke, Co-Founder and CEO, Oak View Group

Jim Dolan + Irving Azoff: One On One
Gallery Ballroom, 4th Floor

In a VenuesNow Conference exclusive, Executive Chairman/CEO, The Madison Square Garden Company, James Dolan and Chairman/CEO, The Azoff Company, Irving Azoff, two of the most visionary and influential figures in the history of sports and live entertainment, will sit down and discuss MSG’s revolutionary Sphere venues and their transformative impact on the future of the global live events industry.

Irving Azoff, Chairman/CEO, The Azoff Company
James Dolan, Executive Chairman/CEO, The Madison Square Garden Company

Sponsorship Spotlight: Think Like A Brand, Act Like an Agency – Scout Sports and Entertainment
Gallery Ballroom, 4th Floor

There’s a shift in the property/sponsorship dynamic; a transformational approach to understanding your brand partner’s KPI’s and your fans, are paramount to enhanced measurement and insights capabilities

Michael A. Neuman, Founder, EVP and Managing Partner Scout Sports and Entertainment, a division of Horizon Media
Sheri Roder, EVP, Chief of WHY, Horizon Media

Taking Action: The Future of In-Venue Sports Wagering
Sponsored by Delaware North
Gallery Ballroom, 4th Floor

Polarizing as it may be, the smart money seems to be on ever more tolerance for legalized and in-venue betting at professional league sporting events. From venue-approved mobile betting to dedicated space for sports books integrated into the design of the venue, political and consumer views are shifting and the industry is examining how best to meet fan demand when it comes to betting on pro sports. The question becomes which business model makes the most sense for teams to implement at their facilities, with the choice primarily being between mobile/digital and brick-and-mortar. The answer to that questions depends on whom you ask, with individual state regulations and league restrictions also playing a critical role in how gaming ultimately looks. In addition, where do the sponsorship opportunities lie for teams and venues and what’s the value of these gaming deals? What role will be the role of the big casino players? How will cultural and legal considerations figure in? It’s still early, but executives with skin in the game will discuss where is it all headed as the sports and entertainment industry grabs hold of pent-up demand in the gambling space.

Marcus DiNitto, Managing Editor, BetIndiana

Scott Butera, President, Interactive Gaming, MGM Resorts International
Jason Carmello, Architect and Principal, Populous
Madelaine Moeke, Return on DesignTM Lead + Strategic Growth Analyst, ROSSETTI
David O’Rourke, President & CEO, New York Racing Association
Sara Slane, Founder, Slane Advisory
Jim Van Stone, President of Operations, Monumental Sports & Entertainment

Innovation Spotlight/Venues 2030: CONTENT
feat. Darren Pfeffer, Executive Vice President, MSG Live
Gallery Ballroom, 4th Floor

The core of sustained artist development today is centered around the live business. Artists that focus on their touring out of the gate, savvily navigating the plays in terms of capacities, markets, and events through strategic partnerships with promoters and venues, can ensure a robust live careers for years to come. Darren Pfeffer, executive VP for MSG Live, who steers content for the Madison Square Garden portfolio of venues, will discuss how venues can partner with artists to develop touring careers and foster artist development.

Interviewed by: Ray Waddell, President, Media & Conferences, Oak View Group
Darren Pfeffer, Executive Vice President, MSG Live, The Madison Square Garden Company

Capital Ideas: Private Placement In Sports & Live Entertainment Venues
Gallery Ballroom, 4th Floor

With a global ramp-up in project development from small venues to arena and stadium level, many with vast retail/entertainment footprints, developers are seeking creative financing and innovative partnerships. This panel will explore the various options on the table for venue developers, sports franchises and others funding projects and raising capital, including private placement versus traditional financing, private equity, and/or public and public/private partnerships. Whether private placement is a piece of the finance puzzle, capital for an entire project, or a compliment to existing financing, given a general reticence toward using public money for sports and entertainment venues, private placement has become an increasingly viable option. Topics covered will include the advantages and risks of various funding strategies, typical term structures, regulations concerns, and the impact of market conditions on raising capital and how it’s used. Hear informed finance professionals weigh in on the opportunities and potential challenges in the world of raising capital for sports and live entertainment venue development.

Alan Hoffman, Co-Chair of Project Finance, Winston & Strawn

Larry Cyrlin, Head of Infrastructure Finance, Americas, Citi
Peter Dorfman, Managing Director, Sports & Entertainment Specialty Group, SunTrust
Hannah Gordon, Chief Administrative Officer & General Counsel, San Francisco 49ers
Jerry Parisi, Managing Director, Sports Finance Group, MUFG

E-Sports: Where Do We Go From Here?
West Ballroom, 2nd Floor

With a global audience of 300 million and revenues estimated to be in the $1 billion range and growing (less than half of which is based in the U.S. according to game market researcher Newzoo), the debate over the viability of esports as a live attraction and driver of fan passion is beyond settled. Even so, the global esports market still has plenty of runway in terms of growth for branding/sponsorships, as well as presenting compelling events that consumers beyond hard-core gamers want to attend, in venues that add value to the experience. While there are challenges, esports remains very much on an upward trajectory, with some reports putting capital investment in the sports’ broad ecosystem and diverse business models nearing $5 billion in 2018. A panel of stakeholders in the burgeoning world of esports will discuss where the sport is headed as a major league attraction, including the value of sponsorships and franchises, the evolution of the venues and presentations, and how venues can secure esports events amid the shifting dynamics of competitive gaming as a spectator sport.

Bob Jordan CVE, CEO/Founder, Facilities LLC/Venue Road LLC

Tyler Endres, CEO, ESports Arena
Craig Levine, Global Chief Strategy Officer, ESL
Todd Merry, CMO, Delaware North
Brian Mirakian, Director of Brand Activation & Senior Principal, Populous

Innovation Spotlight/Venues 2030: The Promise of 5G
feat. Dave Macdonald, Director of Strategy, AT&T
Gallery Ballroom, 4th Floor

Everybody’s talking about 5G—the fifth generation of wireless networks—but what does it really mean to venues and the sports and live entertainment industry? The answer: potentially everything. Faster data speeds, ultra-low latency and supercharged connectivity will impact virtually all aspects of the live experience at some level. But that’s only if venues and producers of live are fully invested and prepared to maximize the potential of 5G. Dave Macdonald, director of strategy at AT&T, will tell us how to truly fulfill the promise of 5G.

Interviewed by Elinor Klavens, Senior Research Analyst, Sports Innovation Lab

Sponsored by Oak View Group Arena Alliance
West Pre-Function, 2nd Floor & Gallery Pre- Function, 4th Floor

City Planning & Entertainment Districts + The Venue Footprint in 2030
Gallery Ballroom, 4th Floor

Design and strategic planning for new venue developments have blown past just the look, costs and functionality of the brick and mortar building to take into account a vast venue footprint that takes into account city planning, retail and entertainment districts, added attractions, and myriad partners and stakeholders from the public and private sectors, including teams, architects, municipalities, retail and dining brands, and multiple finance partners all weighing in. Experienced experts in all phases of the sorts of development will discuss how these projects can be strategically developed, from blueprints to opening day and beyond.

Moderated by:
Don Muret, VenuesNow

John Shreve, Senior Urban Planner and Senior Principal, Populous
Peter Feigin, President, Milwaukee Bucks/Fiserv Forum
Eric Nordness, SVP, Hickory Street Capital and Marquee Development
Kirk Safford, Director, City Partnerships, Lyft
Dana Warg, 313 Presents

The State of the Art in Brand Partnerships
West Ballroom (2nd Floor)

Sports and live entertainment venues and events continue to be one of the most robust sectors for blue chip sponsors and brand partnerships, with the industry now focusing on creative activations and innovative strategies that brands bring to the table in venue and team partnerships. This panel will discuss what it takes to bring brands to life in the venue space, and the creative partnerships that differentiate the brands, provide value to the venue partner and its tenants, and bring excitement and engagement to fans, benefitting all parties in visible and quantifiable ways. Experts in this vital sector will discuss the evolution of the branding partners space, how stakeholders differ, and the goal to create moments that are truly memorable and that resonate with fans via positive impressions.
Moderated by: Chris Allphin, Senior Vice President, Team Advisory, Van Wagner

Jeff Alpen, CEO, Hornall Anderson
Monica Fee, Global Sponsorship Sales, CAA
Alex Seyferth, Vice President, Corporate Partnerships, Marquee Sports & Entertainment

Dynamic Pricing: How Yield Management is Changing Ticketing
Gallery Ballroom, 4th Floor

It has been said that the live entertainment industry does not have a secondary market problem, it has a pricing problem. While that maybe a vast oversimplification, the truth that many of the live industry’s challenges—a predatory reselling market, unsold or under-sold inventory, less-than-maximized box office revenue, and price sensitivity included—are related to pricing and properly scaling the tickets. Enter the concept of dynamic pricing and yield management, a variable pricing strategy based on multiple factors including understanding consumers, anticipating demand, and influencing behaviors with the ultimate goal of maximizing revenue from inventory of a time-sensitive product—the ticket. Experts in selling for the right price at the right time will break down the state-of-the-art in yield management for an informative and actionable session.
Moderated by: Matt Galle, Senior Agent, Paradigm Talent Agency

David Marcus, EVP, Head of Music, Ticketmaster
Mike Newquist, Vice President, Event Marketing, UFC
Amy Graca, Vice President, National Ticketing, Caesars Entertainment
Andrew Rentmeester, Chief Revenue Officer, LaneOne

How to Create Successful Collegiate Events That Benefit All Parties
West Ballroom, 2nd Floor

As major college conferences increase the number of games in their league schedules, every game remaining within a school’s control becomes more and more important. Concurrently, as college content continues to increase in value, opportunities arise for high-profile, neutral, television-ready events across the country and, increasingly, internationally. How can all stakeholders benefit? What are the priorities to the various stakeholders, including financial interests, the student athlete experience, recruiting benefits, exposure for universities, and value to fans, and how is it all balanced? Greg Procino, who manages a large portfolio of successful college events, St. John’s University Athletic Director Mike Cragg, who formerly oversaw men’s basketball at Duke University, and Dan Shell, President of OVG Collegiate, which manages OVG’s owned and operated series of events, will discuss how to create, promote, execute, sponsor, partner, host, and broadcast successful collegiate events that work for all parties.

Moderated by:
Dan Shell, President, OVG Collegiate

Michael Cragg, Director of Athletics, St. John’s University
Greg Procino, TK, TK

Coffee Break
Sponsored by Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse
Gallery Pre-Function, 4th Floor

Innovation Spotlight/Venues 2030: Premium
feat. Al Guido, Co-Managing Partner/CEO, Elevate Sports Ventures, President, San Francisco 49ers
Gallery Ballroom, 4th Floor

Given the sophisticated nature of enhanced experiences at today’s sports and live entertainment venues, it’s safe to say that this is not your father’s premium. The evolution of fan engagement and the live experience has led to significantly increased consumer expectations for innovative, unique and memorable experiences that are profitable for the hosts, particularly at the suite and premium level. Innovative sports executive Al Guido will walk us through the architecture of the premium experience of the future, including sales and marketing, partnerships, consumer insight, the financial picture, and how venues can maximize their premium offerings.

Interviewed by Don Muret, Senior Editor, VenuesNow

View From the Top: The Commissioners Weigh In
Gallery Ballroom, 4th Floor

Given the breadth of influence and scope of concerns for contemporary major league sports commissioners, the skill set possessed must be multifaceted, and the level of diplomacy must be high. Among the issues faced: player relations, media/broadcast rights, brand partnerships, potential expansion, fan engagement, the impact of technology, safety and security, legal and political issues, philanthropy, and community involvement, the looming potential of league-supported sports gaming, and the overall role that sports play in the American cultural psyche. Also high on any list of commissioner responsibilities for every team and league is a keen perspective on the actual places where fans gather and the action takes place: the venues, primarily stadiums and arenas. For the first time at the VNC, three of the most dynamic, respected commissioners in all of professional sports will gather for a candid discussion of the myriad issues facing professional sports today, with the role of the venues as the backdrop. What do the commissioners think would be the dream venue for their sport? Find out on what is sure to be an illuminating session.

Moderated by: Tod Leiweke, CEO, New Seattle Arena & NHL Partners

Cathy Engelbert, Commissioner, WNBA
Don Garber, Commissioner, MLS
Adam Silver, Commissioner, NBA

Opening Night Reception
Sponsored by Lyft & Perkins Coie
Gallery Pre-Function, 4th Floor